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How do I install Cookiebot extension on my Shopify store?
To install Cookiebot extension on your Shopify store, we indicate in the "cookiebot" tab: "your cookiebot key".
However, you just need to click on "publish" to the right of "your cookiebot key", no need to add any shortcode.
If you already have an account on Cookibot, that's fine. If not, create one for yourself. It's totally free.

Is it possible to customize the visual appearance of the user field edit form?
You can freely customize the visual appearance of Cookiebot extension in the "custom popup" tab.
You just have to adapt each parameter: location of the popup, title of the popup, colors, etc.

Is the Cookiebot extension application subject to a fee?
No, the Cookiebot extension application is totally free.

What is the purpose of the Cookiebot extension ?
Cookiebot extension - "The only GDPR compliant one" is the only application that makes your Shopify store 100% GDPR compliant thanks to its 3 main functions :
1) consent to cookies
2) cookie monitoring
3) control of cookies
Stop being outlawed! All other applications do not protect you in reality. Check the law and you'll see that we're telling the truth.

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