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What is the purpose of Customer Profile Editor ?
In concrete terms, the purpose of the Customer Profile Editor application is to save you time.
Reduce or even delete the number of emails from customers asking you to update their customer information (name, email address, phone number etc.).
The goal is that users of your Shopify store can do this directly themselves.

How do I install Customer Profile Editor on my Shopify store?
There are two ways to install the application on your theme:
A - Directly integrated on the "My Account" page
This method consists of injecting code directly on the "my account" page.
B - On a new page
This method consists in using the page created via the application, hosted at the
address {Your URL}.com/a/update-my-profile

You can find a tutorial to install our app by clicking here.

Is it possible to customize the visual appearance of the user field edit form?
You can freely customize the visual appearance of our user field edit form.
To do so, simply go to the "Settings" section of the app, and then click on "Styles CSS".

Is there a charge for Customer Profile Editor ?
No, Customer profile editor is completely free.

"I installed CPE correctly but I don't see anything"
If you are using a custom theme, when "customer accounts" is not activated on the Shopify admin pannel,
the login / register icon may not be visible, and so merchants won't be able to test the integration of the app in their account,
To active it, you should go to settings/checkout/accounts are optional


In case of installation problems, feel free to contact us (hello@kastor.studio)**
You can also discover our Documentation - Customer Profile Editor

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