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What is the purpose of the application? And what can I do with

Prepare in advance your next promotions, you can choose a start and end date.
Program the promotion on a header to boost sales (customizable banner/popup) to announce your promotions but also your sales, new products etc...
Automate a change of theme automatically on the automatic promotion date (very useful for events like black friday)

Does the application allow legal promotions?

Our application is totally legal and takes into account the laws of all countries concerning the code of work and online business.Contrary to sales, online merchants can carry out promotions whenever they want. However, the price reduction must also be limited in time. The online merchant must therefore, like other merchants, specify the start and end dates of these promotions. In addition, the price reduction must be made in relation to a reference price, i.e. the lowest price charged during the 30 days preceding the start of the operation. In terms of display, the products concerned by these reductions must show the old reference price crossed out and the new price. However, if the e-merchant chooses to offer a single discount rate, this double marking is not mandatory. On the other hand, the merchant is asked to clearly display this rate.


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