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Don't hesitate to directly consult the video tutorial, at the end of this article!

To install the Cookiebot application, you need to

Create an account on the Cookiebot site (it's free!) and log in

*In the "Domains" tab, still on the Cookiebot site, you must enter the main domain name of your shop configured in Shopify and then save.
Be careful, if you change this domain name on Shopify, change it also on Cookiebot.

The "Dialog", "Content" and "Declaration" tabs allow you to partially configure your popup. Customize it 100% directly from the Shopify application with the pro plan.

In the "Your scripts" tab, copy the Domain Group ID located on the 1st line (this is how it should look like 377d5c8b-0c61-4887-b4b6-813aabd6a9c5)

*Back on the Shopify Cookiebot Banner RGPD app, paste the Domain Group ID in the "Your cookiebot key" insert. Save. If a password is enabled on your shop,
disable the installation time. Preview the popup if you wish with the "Preview" button.

Click on "Publish". That's it! You are in compliance with the RGPD legislation.

Customize the design of your popup by choosing the pro plan from the tab "Customized popup"

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